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ToySwap is a community where kids can swap, give or get as many toys as they want. Besides it can be free of charge by giving away a toy and then get someone’s else toy; or they can swap it with another.
Our purpose is to help educate your kids about the concept of value of their belongings, how to share and let them engaged in the society. This will teach them how to be responsible.
ToySwap is divided on categories and subcategories. The categories are tech toys, outdoors activities, educational, characters toys, vehicles and musical instrument.
ToySwap offers you different service such as giving, getting and swapping.
First off all you have to sign up and adding toys by clicking on “add Toy” take at least one photo, add your location then choose the category and the subcategory of the toy and finally write a brief description of the quality of the toy. The new added toy will appear in “not active toy” (My toys) until we approve your listing then it will appear in “Active Toys”.
During browsing in the home page, you will have the choice to swap or give.
In the swap case, a window will open to choose a toy from your list to swap it with the one you requested. The receiver will get a notification to swap if he approves your request will directly go to the chatting room where you will agree with receiver where and how to continue the process. If both parts agree the requester must complete the process (a bottom will appear to complete the process), in this case no point will be lost.
On the other hand, in the get case the requester will loose 1 point per toy and the receiver will gain 1 point per toy. the process of given is similar to the previous case a chatting room will appear to discuss and agree and then must complete the process.
Note after each process you will rate the experience with a short description.
We always encourage our members to give toys in good condition as our purpose is to teach the kids how to take care of their toys.
We don’t guarantee that all toys on the platform are in a good condition. However, if you receive a toy with bad condition you rate the owner and describe the unsatisfied experience.
Bacteria are everywhere and on everything.
We recommend our member to clean toys before giving them and after receiving them with an antibacterial spray.
Yes. It is for free and it will remain for free if you are giving toys or swapping . Later on, will offer you a premium service with extra features. Till then all you have to do is to give as many toys as you can or swap to receive free points.
All the information of the platform is private unless the user shares their details. In the case of the meeting to give, get or swap toys, the user has the choice to choose the location and the time that suits them.
We encourage our member to meet in a public place (coffee shop, playground... etc.)

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Toy Swap will make it easy on you. Instead on stocking toys and then throwing them in order to get a new one you will swap or give your unused toys. Where the kids start taking responsibility regarding their toys and engage together.Toy Swap provides its Users, Whatever the age or the type of toy the right environment to swap, get or give by helping to fulfill their exact specifications and demands. Our application focuses on providing our users the suitable environment as for age and sex. We offer our user the Simplicity as an easy swap through facilities. Our application provides a GPS locator in order to help our customer locate each other easily

We aim to make difference and find a solution to reduce the pollution (about 40 million toys are thrown away each year), raise awareness and educate kids the concept of value. Our goal is to be the change of the mentality about the unused toys by spreading the idea of giving the toys a second chance to draw a smile on children faces.

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